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Surprise birthday party, November 25th, 2016
November 25th, I had the opportunity to help Timothy surprise his wife for her birthday with a private dinner!
Working with Tim, we were able to design a menu and the aesthetics of the dinner to help create an evening to remember.


~ Appetizers ~
Cheeses selection (Blue Reyes, Gouda and Switzerland gruyère)
Roasted beets and lettuce salad

~ Entrées ~
Slow-cooked Salmon with saffron sauce
Roasted Potatoes
Grilled asparagus

~ Desserts ~
Topping for vanilla ice cream (roasted almond, chocolate sauce, caramel sauce, berries, etc.)

Special thanks to:
  • Timothy, for his kindness
  • His family, for letting me in on this special occasion and sharing in their happiness